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01. Intake 50 Candidates
02. Class Rooms with good ventilation and adequate seating facility
03. Psychology Lab with Adequate Equipment for Conducting personality I.Q. and other tests
04. Educational Technology Lab with T.V., V.C.R., Casettes, Epidiascope, Overhead Projecter, Tape Recorder etc., are provided
05. Physical Science Lab with Adequate space with adequate, chemicals and scientific apparatus
06. Biological Science Lab equipped with, Adequate Models, chemicals and scientific apparatus
07. Social Studies Lab adequate Maps, Charts, Globes, Models etc., are provided
08. Seminar Hall with Provided with adequate Seating and mike facility
09. Physical Education Room with necessary equipment for Indoor as well as out door Games
10. Library 3223 Volumes of text books, reference books, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Journals, Dailies etc.,
11. Staff Room with Adequate furniture and toilet facilities
12. Principal's Room with Adequate furniture A.C and toilets
13. Office Room with Adequate furniture
14. Ladies Waiting Room with Adequate furniture
15. Computer Lab equipped with 10 systems with E-Mail and Internet facility
16. Seperate toilets provided for Boys & Girls
17. Parking Facility provided